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The best manifestation of self-love is taking care of health and beauty. Come and visit us at Studio 58 for beauty treatments. We will put you not only in a good mood, beaming with self-confidence, but practice it in a gorgeous atmosphere. We offer:

  • Peelings
  • Care procedures
  • Facial massage
  • Face Cleansing
  • Skin treatment
  • Rejuvenation
  • And other services.

Our cosmetologist with many years of experience will help you select exactly what you seek and guide to what suits you.

We work only with proven and safe products. Disinfection and compliance with safety principles is our mandate! Our task is for you to leave satisfied, beautiful and happy. And, of course, to return to Studio 58 as often as you need.

The world of beauty and pleasure is waiting for you, dear friends!

Price list
Facial cleaning manual + peeling + mask
60 €
Facial cleaning combined + peeling + mask
65 €
Myofascial facial massage + purification + hydration
60 €
Mesotherapy capillar
50 €
Microneedling Dr.Pen
65 €
Skin treatments, facial massage, rejuvenation, and other services
€55-65 consult to specialist
RF lifting
50 €