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Massage is not only a form of relaxation it is actually a healing procedure. In time of constant stress, it is so important to slow down sometimes and give yourself a space to recover and rest. Caring Studio 58 masseurs will listen to you and use their expertise to invigorate you with renewed strength and energy.

We offer:

  • back massage
  • full body massage
  • anti cellulite massage
  • lymphatic drainage massage
  • facial massage
  • buccal facial massage
  • children massage.

Each of the above takes place in our specially designed room infused with aromas of oils and incense, atmospheric music and in the skilled hands of our specialists. You will feel as if you have returned from a resort. Treat yourself to a session of pleasure and relaxation. You deserve it!

Price list
Therapeutic massage 60 min
50 €
Full body massage (anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage, reducing massage, hot stones) 90 min
60 €
Massage for kids 40-60 min.
40 €
Facial massage 60 min
50 €
Body exfoliation
25 €
Wraps (seaweed, slimming, toning, anti-cellulite, moisturizing), includes body scrub
25 €
Pack massage + scrub + wrap
from 95 €