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Well-groomed hands and feet are an indispensable attribute of a modern person, both men and women. We know how to make your nails look always perfect. Studio 58 specialists use their knowledge of the latest manicure and pedicure trends. Trust us with your nails and you will be satisfied with the result.

We offer:


  • Hygienic manicure (natural or classic manicure)
  • Children’s manicure
  • Male manicure
  • Fingernails strengthening
  • Manicure with polish or gel polish
  • Express manicure
  • Nail design


  • Classic pedicure
  • Hardware pedicure
  • Acid pedicure
  • Male pedicure
  • Pedicure with polish or gel polish

Our masters comply with all measures of sterilization of instruments. Your safety and health is paramount!

Price list
Hygienic manicure
25 €
Kids manicure
25 €
Gel polish removal
15 €
Nail strengthening
5 €
Full manicure with semi-permanent nail polish (removal, manicure, strengthening, gel polish)
40 €
Full manicure with normal nail polish (removal, manicure, strengthening, polish)
30 €
Nail design
1-3€ per nail
French manicure (full manicure with semi-permanent gel polish)
50 €
Nail extension
de 65 €
Gel polish removal plus higienic manicure
from 35 €
Hygienic pedicure
45 €
Full pedicure with norman polish or semi-permanent polish (removal, pedicure, strengthening, polish)
55 €
Semi-permanent nail polish removal
15 €
Full pedicure with nail polish or semi-permanent nail polish plus callus and ingrown toenail removal
60 €
French pedicure (full pedicure with semi-permanent nail polish)
65 €
Gel polish removal
15 €