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Are you not lucky enough to be the owner of gorgeous eyelashes and bright thick eyebrows? No problem! In the Studio 58 beauty salon, our masters will fulfil your every whim! Do you want thick, long, beautiful eyelashes or eyebrows? Easy! We offer:


  • Eyelash extension and corrections
  • Eyelashes lamination


  • Colouring with henna or paint + shaping.


Eyelashes and eyebrows are just the right way to accentuate the image you are looking for. Waking up in the morning already “for the parade”? No problem if Studio 58 specialists get down to business!

Price list
Eyelash extension 1D
60 €
Eyelash extension 2D
80 €
Eyelash extension 3D
100 €
Eyelash extension 4D+
120 €
Refilled 2 weeks
50% of the price
Refilled 3 weeks
75% of the price
Refilled more than 3 weeks
Full price
Lamination (lift) of eyelashes (includes tinting and lifting)
50 €
LamiLux (eyelash lift + lamination + tint and eyebrow design)
75 €
LamiClassic (lifting de pestañas + tinte y diseño de las cejas)
65 €
Tint eyebrows
10 €
Eyebrows design
10 €
Diseño de cejas ( incluye tinte + forma de cejas)
20 €