How to prepare for laser hair removal?
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What should be done before laser hair removal for maximum results?

Laser hair removal is an ideal method for permanently eliminating hair for both women and men. If you have already attended a session in our salon or elsewhere, you will know that shaving before laser hair removal is one of the requirements of this procedure. We will explain why it is necessary and how to properly prepare for sessions to achieve the best results.

Why is it necessary to shave before laser hair removal?

It may seem contradictory: why perform this preliminary step if the goal is to remove hair with a completely different hair removal system than shaving?

There are specific reasons why we must attend a laser hair removal session with completely shaved areas. And these reasons are essential for achieving 100% effectiveness in the procedure. Below, we will examine them.

Shaving before laser hair removal improves the final result.

If you follow the recommendation to shave before each laser hair removal session, you will notice that hair disappearance becomes more evident, and the final results are much more effective. Why? The amount of energy absorbed by the hair through the laser equipment largely depends on its length. Therefore, the visible part of the hair shaft will absorb most of the energy and lose effectiveness, as the laser only acts when reaching the root (follicle) of the hair. So, if you don’t shave before the laser hair removal session, the initial part of the hair may absorb more laser energy. When it reaches the follicle, its power may not be sufficient, reducing the effectiveness of the procedure. But if you shave before laser hair removal, the root of the hair will absorb more energy.

In summary, the shorter the distance the light must travel from the tip to the root of the hair, the more effective the laser will be.

Diod laser technology penetrates deeper compared to other lasers (such as alexandrite laser) without causing side effects on the epidermis.

Contact of the laser with long hairs can damage the skin. When a long hair comes into contact with the laser, it can heat up to high temperatures and burn the skin. Shaving before the laser hair removal session helps to avoid the risk of mild burns on the skin (and the associated unpleasant smell). To prevent this possible incident, follow the recommendations provided by the laser specialist before the scheduled appointment.

Shaving hair before the procedure saves time during the session.

You have already learned the main reasons why shaving before laser hair removal is recommended.

So here’s another great advantage: when we prepare in advance before the appointment, the procedure will be shorter, saving time. If you don’t follow this indication, our attending specialist will have to trim or shave the hair before the procedure, significantly increasing the time in the cabin.

How should you shave before laser hair removal?

The most suitable method for removing hair in areas to be treated with laser is to clean the skin using a neutral soap and shave with a razor or a blade. You should try not to do it forcefully; it is better to make two very gentle movements. After finishing the process, apply a moisturizing cream or aloe vera gel. However, just before the session, the area should be free of oils, creams, and deodorants.

If you plan to remove hair from your back, you should ask for help to shave and thus avoid cuts or injuries.

It is not recommended to use depilatory cream to remove hair, especially in the last 72 hours. This can cause burns or irritation and make the hair removal procedure difficult (it can also cause allergies).

Should you shave hair before laser hair removal if it is sparse and fine?

Yes, for optimal results during the session, it is necessary to shave beforehand, even if the hair in the area planned for laser treatment is already significantly weakened and has a smaller thickness due to laser action.

How long before the laser procedure should you shave?

The most suitable time for this process is 1 to 3 days before the scheduled appointment. This way, we also avoid irritations, redness, or sensitivity in the skin, which in combination with the laser action could cause discomfort. The result will be more effective and less painful, as the specialist will be able to use the maximum power suitable for your skin type.

What other recommendations should we follow before a laser hair removal session?

In addition to the recommendation to shave beforehand, there are other recommendations you should follow before undergoing a laser hair removal procedure.

The most important ones are:

  • Do not apply numbing creams for laser hair removal, moisturizers, or other products before the session.
  • Do not perform hair removal in the area to be treated with wax, tweezers, or other similar methods for at least one month before the procedure.
  • Do not take medication on the day of the procedure.
  • Avoid sun exposure before and after the session.
  • Do not use UV rays or tanning products before the procedure.

Our technical laser specialists will explain all the steps before your session in detail. By following them, you will achieve the maximum effectiveness of the procedure, and above all, your skin will not suffer damage.

If you want to get a free consultation without obligation, call us or write to us. We will be happy to help you. We look forward to seeing you at Studio 58!